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Elvis Yorkshire Terrier
1557 Highway NN
Ironton, MO 63650 USA

Phone: 573-734-6330

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Adult Yorkies For Sale

Adult Yorkshire Terriers

Any dog that is over a year old will be put on this adult Yorkie Terrier for sale page. We don't always have adult Yorkies for adoption. When we do, they usually are breeders that we are retiring or puppies that we kept back for our breeding program and decided not to keep.

In our experience a puppy’s bone structure is pretty well developed by 9 mo. of age. They will usually gain weight up until 1.5 years of age as they fill out. They don’t have their adult coat until 1.5 – 2.0 years of age. From a maturity point of view they aren’t mature until around 1.5 years of age. So generally speaking in our opinion a Yorkshire Terrier isn’t really an adult until 1.5 years of age.

Some of the advantages in adopting an adult Yorkie for sale, are that you will have a better idea of how big they will be, what they look like and their personality. Another advantage of buying an adult Yorkshire terrier for sale is that they are considerably cheaper.

Available Adult Yorkies

There Are Currently No Adults Yorkies Available
Please Check Back At A Later Date

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Kody Teacup Face Yorkie Pup For Sale

Tiny Teacup Yorkie Toby 2


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toy yorkshire terrier bradly 2


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Baily Parti Yorkie For Sale

parti yorkie female - baily 2


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Aubrey Teacup Yorkie Pup

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Tiny Trina Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Puppy

teacup chocolate yorkie puppy tiny trina2


Tiny Shawna Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Puppy

teacup chocolate yorkie puppy-tiny shawna


Tiny Cassie Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Puppy

teacup chocolate yorkie puppy tiny cassie 2


Caleb Chocolate Yorkie Puppy

chocolate yorkie puppy caleb 2


Tiny Priss Miniature Yorkie

miniature yorkie tiny priss 2


Paden Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

teacup yorkshire terrier paden 2


Theo Toy Yorkshire Terrier Pup

toy yorkshire terrier pup - theo 3


Bree Teacup Yorkshire Terrier

teacup yorkshire terrier puppy 2


Jabe Yorkie Puppy For Sale

Parti Yorkshire Terrier Puppy


Tiny Hanna Babydoll Face Yorkie Pup

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Alicla Babydoll Face Yorkshire Terrier

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Kaylyn Teacup Yorkie Pup

teacup yorkie pup kaylyn 3