All About Yorkies – Yorkshire Terriers

Yorkies are terrier dogs of a smaller breed. They were bred in the 19th Century in England, with the main purpose of catching rats that had overrun clothing mills. These dogs are characterized by having very small bodies and heads, doll-like features, weigh under 7 pounds and have coats that are usually tan and black as puppies.

People who own Yorkshire Terriers usually view them in two different ways. One, they are both a fun loving and spirited breed of terrier, or they are dogs that deserve to be pampered and loved. Both statements are true.

Personalities and Characteristics of Yorkies

When it comes to their temperaments and personalities, Yorkies are known for their liveliness. They are naturally inquisitive, and will spend most of their time running around the house, sniffing things out and exploring every nook and cranny they may come across. Because of their small stature and their cute looks, bigger dogs think of these terriers as delicacies. For this reason, it is advised that owners invest in leashes or fences to ensure their pets’ safety.

These adorable dogs certainly love themselves too, as they enjoy warm and comfortable areas. More often than not, you will find that they prefer snuggling on their owners’ laps as compared to sleeping on the floor. Yorkies make great guard dogs as they have very keen senses and will easily let you know, in their high pitched voices, when a stranger is within the area. Because it is more than likely that many strangers will pass by your area, it is important to allow your dog to socialize more unless you wouldn’t mind it barking every 5 minutes.

Generally, Yorkshire Terriers get along quite well with other dogs and pets. However, because of their size and the fact that they can easily be bullied by bigger dogs, these terriers tend to be very domineering with dogs that are larger than them. Though your terrier will be playful, they can become overwhelmed when smaller children are too rough with them. This may no longer be an issue once your dog grows older and stronger.

Yorkies are very easy to train as they have quick and sharp minds. However, this can vary slightly in that there are some that tend to be very stubborn and harder to train. You may have your hands full once you begin to train your dog on a leash as they prefer running about free and unattended. With time, you will be able to discipline them to get used to their leashes.

Caring for Yorkies

care for yorkies

care for yorkies

Because these terrier dogs are very special, they also require special attention when it comes to caring for them. Due to the fact that they are very playful and have long coats, you will need to be prepared to spend quite an amount of time on cleaning them. Their coats need to be washed and trimmed on a regular basis.

Because of their long mane, you should use a soft brush to brush their coat on a daily basis. Aim to remove any tangles that may have formed as well as remove any dirt or leaves that may have gotten caught. In male dogs, make sure to use a clean damp cloth to wipe around their genital area as urine tends to cling to the fur there.

Yorkies often have mucus that forms around their eyes and if it’s not removed, it may end up rotting the fur in the surrounding area. You can do this by dipping a clean cloth or piece of cotton into some warm water. Wipe your dog’s eyes carefully.

Because these terriers have long coats everywhere, it is common for debris to get stuck and cling to it. The same can be said for feces. Because it is a very sensitive area, you will have to make an effort to keep that part of your pet’s body clean.

Yorkies’ ears have a tendency of drooping because of the weight of the fur. This if often seen between 0-6 months of age. You can easily change this by trimming fur from the topmost part of their ears. This will help their ears grow in an upright position.

Ensure you book regular appointments with a vet to have his ears checked. Your dog’s ears may fill up with wax or mite and it is important that a vet has them cleaned. Because of its characteristic long hair, you will need to trim it around its eyes as it may interfere with your dog’s eyesight.

These terriers are fun loving dogs, as mentioned earlier, and you may already have a set of toys for your own to play with. However, you will have to watch out for any buildup that may form on its teeth. Yorkie Grooming will involve regular brushing that can help keep their teeth clean.

These pets are playful and would rather go along with their instinct as opposed to following a given set of rules. However, this does not mean that you cannot train these dogs altogether. You will need a lot of patience though, as it is not easy training Yorkies. You can train them to pay attention to their names through repeatedly calling them while holding a treat in your hand. They will soon learn to respond to that name.

When Yorkshire Terriers are puppies, it is harder for them to house train as they do not have control over their bladders. You will need to be patient with your own pet even as you clean their mess all over the house. However, within a few months, they should be fully house trained.

If you do not own this terrier and are interested in buying one, there are different ways you can do so. You can either visit your local pet shop and find out if there are any yorkies for sale. Additionally, you can use the internet to search for online pet stores that sell this terrier breed. Make sure the dog you choose will be in great health and is affordable. Familiarize yourself with any special needs that your pet may need. Also ask for the diet that your dog needs to be put on. Yorkies are fun pets to have and you will certainly enjoy owning yours.

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