Yorkie Grooming

by elvispartiyork on March 5, 2012

Yorkie Grooming Yorkie Grooming

Yorkie grooming plays a big role in the health and general well being of your dog. Are you a new owner of a yorkie dog? Do you feel at a loss as to what to do in terms of grooming? It is still possible to groom your own dog without having to take them to a professional groomer. Below are some general tips that could help you in grooming your yorkie.

Because your dog is playful, and will more often than not roll around in the dirt, you have to wash your pet once or twice per week. Never let them go without a bath in a week.

It is characteristic for yorkies to have long fur. Because they are very playful, it is normal for leaves and twigs to get tangled in their fur. Cutting your pet’s hair is part of grooming. With shorter hair to comb and brush, you will find that it’s less of a hassle getting your dog groomed for the day, and there will also able fewer knots and tangles.

If you have the time to, you can include nail clipping and brushing as a part of your yorkie grooming. However, these are also time consuming and if you want to get the job done, it’s best if you see a professional dog groomer.

The shampoo that you use on your dog should have a gentle pH, one that is not likely to irritate your dog’s eyes. You should be able to get this from a yorkie grooming pet shop.

Yorkie Grooming Styles

Because these pooches have long fur, their owners often enjoy styling them. Yorkie grooming styles include the natural cut, puppy cut, westie cuts and designer cuts. Natural and puppy cut all depend on how playful the yorkie is. However, designer and westie cuts are dependent on the owner’s preference.

Yorkie Grooming Cuts

The puppy cut is best suited for when your dog is small. It involves cutting your dog’s hair very short all around its body. The westie involves cutting all the hair except around the face. Depending on what the owner may prefer, this cut can be modified with all the hair on the rest of the body being shaved off. Lastly in yorkie grooming, there is the chinese cut which involves leaving hair on the face, legs and tail, while the rest of the body is shaved. This style is quite popular because it gives the dog an interesting look. The shnorkie is another yorkie cut. This cut involves keeping the hair underneath your dog’s belly long, while shaving off the back. The hair around the eye-brows is also trimmed and brushed in a manner in which it faces away from the eyes. Some variations of this style include having a beard around the dog’s mouth. The beard is then trimmed so that it doesn’t irritate the dog.

Grooming A Yorkie At Home

You can have your own bathing session at home. On average wash your pet once or twice per week. Where possible, brush your yorkie on a daily basis to remove any leaves that may have gotten entangled in their fur. Yorkies ears also get filled with wax, so treat your dog to an ear cleaning session once every two weeks. Clip their nails every once in a while. However, as you do so, make sure you don’t cut into their blood vessels as dog nails are supplied with blood as well. Cutting their nails after a bath is easier due to their softness.

Yorkie Puppy Health

It is also important that you monitor their health closely. One major sign of your pet being sick may be when they lie down too much. Yorkies are fun loving and energetic dogs, so if they are quiet and just lying there, it may be a warning sign.

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