Yorkshire Terriers as Christmas companions and lifesavers

by elvispartiyork on December 20, 2012

Yorkshire Terriers as Christmas companions and lifesaversYorkshire Terriers are quite popular this time of the year. Reports are coming in daily about stolen pets. Although some perpetrators do not return the Yorkshires to their rightful and loving owners, some stories tug on the heartstrings enough and result in happy conclusions. One such story in San Francisco is a good example.

In the article “Man reunited with stolen Yorkshire Terrier”, the San Francisco News reports, “A San Francisco man suffering from serious health problems was dealt another blow last month when his small dog was stolen out of his car near Davies Medical center.” The owner, Robert Runkle, has had a rough year. Between the kidney failure and his recent diagnosis of lymphoma, his Yorkshire Terrier had been one of the few bright spots during a very dark time. Not only that, but someone took his dog – named Lola – while he was receiving dialysis. Can it get any sadder than that? Lola is Runkle’s therapy dog!

Luckily, a good Samaritan found Lola and returned her. Although the investigation is still open, as the perpetrator remains at large, we can rest assured that Runkle will enjoy a much better holiday. You can read the article here.

Yorkshire Terriers are loyal and kindhearted companions. They quickly assimilate themselves into the dynamics of any family and become essential parts. Lola, for instance, is helping Runkle as he valiantly fights one of the toughest battles in his life. What would have happened if Lola never came back? It would have been yet another blow to Runkle. Whenever someone battles through sickness, he or she needs emotional support. For Runkle, Lola provides some of that.

During this holiday season, consider gifting a Yorkshire Terrier to that special someone or adopting one for yourself. They make great Christmas companions and can be lifesavers.


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