Training Yorkies

by elvispartiyork on March 5, 2012

training yorkies Training Yorkies

Training yorkies is necessary for you to enjoy the company of your new family member. When training yorkies always keep in mind the size of the dog. These dogs get tired very easily during the training session so you must be very patient while training yorkies.

Most yorkies keep their milk teeth. Try to recognize when they are suffering from dental problems. This tends to make various yorkies bark during the training session, which will make training yorkies session hard.

Potty Training Yorkies

The potty training of yorkies should be done using the crate training method according to most professionals. After every 45 minutes or hour take the puppy out to go to the bathroom. Use the same door to a specific spot on your yard every time. You can use either a potty pad, paper, or litter while training yorkies. When outside the crate, the puppy will start to sniff and circle while searching for a place to relieve themself. If you notice this, take them out to their spot quickly. Be keen to note the body language they use when they want to relieve himself.

If you are going away for a long time, leave your yorkies in a pen with a newspaper at one corner of the crate where the puppy can relieve himself. This will paper train them when you are not at home. After a few weeks, reduce the size of the crate covered with newspaper.

Crate Training Yorkies

Crate training yorkies is not a punishment. The crate will serve as a safe space for the yorkies to curl and retreat from the new confusing environment. Training yorkies to live within the crate also gives you peace of mind when you’re away from home.

Use a crate from the beginning, and the dog will always seek a place to sleep or feel at peace. Make sure the crate is wired. It provides the Yorkshire security and ventilation, plus it is portable. Keep increasing the amount of crate time as the training continues, but make sure you leave him some toys. At night, do not leave them water or food in the crate.

House Training Yorkies

Time is necessary for house training yorkies. If you give them all your attention, they will learn very quickly. A high level of understanding, patience and consistency is mandatory while training yorkies.

Always reward the yorkies during a training session for good behavior. This will encourage them to do it more often. Refrain from rewarding the dog for bad behavior. Yorkies, like humans, do not try something after they’ve been told it is bad behavior.

Training a Yorkie Puppy

It is essential that training yorkies start while they are young, because they start learning a lot about their surroundings at an early age. When selecting your puppy, make sure it is ready to leave the litter and begin some basic training. Training yorkies should begin immediately to prevent barking behavior. Make sure you are in an enthusiastic mood and not stressed or tired.

Repeat the puppy’s name while maintaining its attention using an interesting toy or a treat. Once a puppy knows its name, the training will be very easy, even with the complicated commands. The first and most crucial command you should always begin with while training yorkies is either “here” or “come”. These are the common recall commands, which give you control over the dog’s behavior.

Before beginning the training session, exercise the puppy, especially if it had been left alone for a while. This helps burn extra energy, leaving it focused on the training session. Changing the training time and the trainer will make it hard for the puppies to focus. Always make training yorkies natural and consistent, especially for the puppies.

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