Different Sizes And Colors Of Yorkies For Sale

by elvispartiyork on March 5, 2012

Teacup Yorkies For Sale

teacup yorkies for sale Female Teacup Yorkies For Sale

Any potential yorkshire terrier owner should make a point of looking at teacup yorkies. They have baby doll faces, compact bodies, excellent personalities, shiny coats and adorable devotion to their new owners. They range between 2 to 5 pounds. There are advantages to locating teacup yorkies for sale on the internet. A number of the yorkies originate from specialized dog breeders, and you could expect the best possible quality.

Parti Yorkies For Sale

parti yorkies for sale parti yorkies for sale

Parti yorkies have only become recognized in recent times. While the standard yorkshire terrier has been a recognized breed for many years, the parti color yorkie has only been recognized since around the 2000s. Parti yorkies are black, tan and white. If you’re looking for parti yorkies for sale, you should be prepared to dig deep into your pockets as you’ll be able to expect to pay up to $4500 for the privilege of owning one! The breeding of yorkies with parti coloration is not guaranteed unless you head to a specialized breeder.

Buying something on-line will be a risky process, and since parti yorkies cost quite a bit of money, be certain it is precisely what you want.

Chocolate Yorkies For Sale

teacup chocolate yorkie Our Teacup Chocolate Yorkie Stud – 2 lbs. 9 oz.

The chocolate yorkshire terrier incorporates a dark brown coloration. These yorkies are beautiful dogs and are born with a chocolate coat, generally have blue green eyes that turn to an amber looking color, a pink snout and pads that darken as they get older. This selection may be a sensible option to the golden yorkie, which is abundantly lighter in color. There really isn’t a difference between these and the traditional yorkshire terriers other than the color of their coat.

Even though the chocolate yorkies are not an AKC show color, they are still strikingly beautiful and are a nice change from the standard yorkies for sale. There are no congenital diseases associated with this color. View our chocolate yorkies for sale.

Golden Yorkies For Sale

golden yorkies for sale Teacup Golden Yorkies For Sale

Any yorkie can make a great pet, however golden yorkies are steadily becoming more popular. Yorkies are thought to have originated from the breeding of many totally different types of terriers including the Maltese, Skye, Clydesdale, Leeds terrier and many others. When they were recognized by the Kennel Club in the 1880’s, the accepted color was blue and gold and black and tan. Now, golden, chocolate and particolor are all recognized color variations. View our golden yorkies for sale.

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