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Congratulations on your new friend! Yorkshire Terriers
are a very loyal breed with hunting instincts and great

, which makes the perfect pup in our opinion! These puppies will bond quickly to caring and loving owners, and we
want to help you give your puppy a wonderful new home! We’ve put together this
list for you to print out and use before picking up your puppy. Having the
supplies and preparing your home eliminates some of the stress that comes with
training, and helps diminish the risk of any heartbreaking accidents.


Puppy-Proof Your Home

As Yorkies are instinctively hunters and intelligent, they
love figuring things out and finding ways around what is blocking them. This
means that you should prepare your home for the event of a great escape!
Purchasing a baby-gate system is usually efficient in keeping your pup safe, but
you can never be too careful!

First, assess your home and determine which room would be the most appropriate
for your puppy to dwell in for the majority of the time spent indoors. It is
best to choose a room that does not have many cords, so we do not suggest an
office or a computer room. A den or living room is ideal.

Remove any soft or plush carpeting if possible, the puppy
may want to chew through it. This would not only destroy your carpet, but it is
risky if the pup ingests any fibers.

If there are cords that are unavoidable, be sure to tape
them to the wall or baseboards. Pups love to chew on things you do not want them
to, so it is best to keep objects out of sight and out of mind.

Remove any unstable structures, lamps, or furniture to
avoid destruction or harm.

Playpens are great for the first few months, as the puppies sleep often. This
gives them the freedom to nap or play when they want to. This is also great to
use when it comes time to do your housework.
Puppies hate seeing something they want but cannot have.
Toys, bones, or debris left outside of the cage will stress your pup out, so
ensure these are out of view.

Once you believe you set up the room, lay on your stomach on the floor. When you
do this, you will see what your pup sees and you may catch something you would
not have before.

What Supplies Do You Need?


You will need a small travelling crate for your puppy.
This is where they will sleep first, as they are territorial. Once they make it
their den, they will feel safe in it. This avoids any puppy panic attacks when
it is time to go to the vet! Puppies also do not enjoy going to the bathroom
where they sleep, so it makes great for potty training.

No potty training goes perfect, so we suggest an indoor
bathroom for emergencies and training purposes. Puppy training pads work well
with some dogs, but small breeds love to chew them to shreds. We suggest
investing in the “Potty Patch” available at most retail pet stores. This patch
is made of fake grass, and puppies are drawn to it quickly. This can be used to
train as you slowly move it outside, and then omit the patch completely.

We suggest keeping a puppy away from carpets as accidents
usually result in a long steam cleaning process. If you have wooden floors or
other hard surfaces, there are specific cleaners that help remove the urine
scent. This specific cleaner works to remove the enzymes from the scent
completely, so the puppy will not feel that the new spot is their bathroom

You will want to have tearless shampoo available before the puppy arrives, just in case your new
friend ends up needing a bath that first night.

Flea or Tick collars from stores typically do not work
well, so this is something to discuss with the new veterinarian.

Puppy nails grow fast, so buy clippers
for in between visits

Moving Forward
After you review your puppy checklist and
puppy care guide
, it is then time to
pick up your puppy and start the adaptation process.

The puppy should get used
to the new family alone for a few days, to ensure a happy and healthy start. If
your Yorkie is not eating, this likely means he is not adjusting and may have to
return to his mother for a while.

Once the vet administers the puppy’s final booster and
distemper shots, socialize the puppy. When choosing a vet, remember to select
one that has
Facebook promotions and puppy parties. Some vets have drawings for free toys or
services on their Facebook pages, and they host parties for the puppies to come
and make new pals. These are great socializing events for new puppies!

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